Coffee Tables

Maximum freedom of choice!

Custom made linear or shaped glass also as drawing until 1,2 m2, with wood, metal or glass legs.

Linear Coffee Tables

DL950 - until 0,70 m2
DL952 - until 1,2 m2

Shaped Coffee Tables

DL951 - until 0,70 m2
DL953 - until1,2 m2


Glass Top

Avalaile Support

Optionals with Extra

Technical Features

Glass Top

Thickness 10 mm. tempered, linear or shaped, until 0,6 m2

  • cat."A": transparent
  • cat."P": extralight
  • cat."Q": transparent fumè-bronze
  • cat."B": sandblasted natural
  • cat."C": sandblasted grey-bronze
  • cat."D": covering coloured in shiny version or glazed antifingeprint
  • cat."E": extralight covering coloured in shiny version or glazed antifingeprint
  • cat."S": sandblasted extralight

Optionals with extra

  • Glass RAL colour
  • Hole cables passage ø6 cm.
  • Serigraphy Fiore ø34 cm.
  • Serigraphy Carrè ø28 cm.

Avalaible Supports

  • DL901 chromium-plated wheel ø15xh28 cm.
  • DL902 shaped beachwood leg matt lacquered ø10xh30 cm.
  • DL903 shaped beachwood leg gloss lacquered ø10xh30 cm.
  • DL904 shaped beachwood leg patined silver or gold leaf ø10xh30 cm.
  • DL910 triangolar beachwood leg matt lacquered 9,5x9,5x9,5xh30 cm.
  • DL912 rectangular leg painted metal 8x2xh30/42 cm.
  • DL913 rectangular leg chromium metal 8x2xh30/42 cm.
  • DL918 glass leg extralight or fumè or bronze. 12x12xh28 cm.
  • DL919 Double glass leg extralight or fumè or bronze fixed to plane h15/30/40xsp.1,2 cm. (measures same to top)

Technical data sheet Info